Panorama Videoart + Experimental Cinema is a non-competitive

showcase for video art and avant-garde films with prominence

in the international circuit. The curatorship focuses on works

of an eminently authorial and artistic nature.

The exhibition aims to realize a periodic panorama of internationaly

and criticaly detached works, in order to foster regional production

and at the same time give visibility and feedback to filmmakers.


Each edition take place once a year, with multiple exhibitions in cities such as Porto Alegre,

Florianopolis and Curitiba, Southern Brazil. Screenings are about one hour and are attended

by invited guests, including artists, filmmakers, critics and curators for debates.


Submissions for VOL #4 – 2022 will be available

through specific platforms announced here. 


VOL #1 | 2018

First Edition took place in Porto Alegre, Florianopolis and Curitiba featuring 12 films by artists from 9 countries: Canada, Japan, Argentina, Paraguay, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, France and Italy.

VOL #2 | 2019 

Second edition took plance in Porto Alegre and Florianopolis, bringing 16 films by artists from 11 countryes, as Mexico, United States, Spain, England, France, Austria and Germany.

VOL #3 | 2021

Due to Covid emergency, third edition is posponed
to go online from march 19th to april 20th live at Visualconteiner WebTV, with fisical screenings to be programmed and announced during 2021.

(C) Véspera Mixed Media 2024