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About VOL #3

PANORAMA VIDEO ART + EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA arrives in its 3rd edition with 15 works by artists from 13 countries. Among young and experienced authors, the exhibition covers a section of recent international production from 2019 to 2021. But the themes here speak less than the means chosen by the artists. This is what causes works that are sometimes radically different in form to find agreements and conflicts among themselves through underground paths, pointing to innovative ways of approaching common issues and problems. The drive for risk and experimentation is the keynote that runs through all proposals, which explore elements as diverse as poetry, politics, memorialism, form, abstraction, metaphysics, spirituality, criticism, narrative and contemplation. If comparing one work with another becomes a useless exercise, looking for dialogues can be revealing. But this will depend on the viewer’s willingness and creativity, who also becomes an author in the face of open works like these. The challenge is clearly set. The artists did their part. (MURIEL PARABONI | Curator)


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