Installation | Mixed Media | 2019

Topographies is a mixed media installation that uses earth and video
projection to approach the sedimentation of matter.

Concept and Assembly: Muriel Paraboni

Photography for Vídeo: Marcus Jung
Edition and Effects: Muriel Paraboni


The installation is composed by different types of earth, also is also used in the paintings
that generally accompany the installation. A slow moving flame is projected in a glass cube,
alluding to the different compositions of matter and the geological scale of time.


Sediments, Erosions and Other Digital Accidents – Solo Exhibition | Santa Casa Historic and Cultural Center – Porto Alegre, Brazil – JUL 2019
Land – Solo Exhibition | Sala Cláudio Carriconde – CAL/UFSM – Santa Maria, Brazil – SET 2016


(C) Véspera Visual Media 2022