Video Installation | 4 Channels | 2015

Dissolution #2 was presented at the Interdisciplinary Interactive Lab  exhibition in November 2015,
at Cláudio Carriconde room. It is the second experiment of a work in progress, this time in the form of installation.

Concept and Editing: Muriel Paraboni
Programming: Evaristo José do Nascimento

Produced with the support of
Laboratório Interdisciplinar Interativo – LabInter/UFSM


Experiment Dissolution won the space still in 2015, taking the form of an installation and thus opening the series to new possibilities.

The color multiplied into two larger projections, dominating the walls. The landscape, on the other hand, remained monochromatic and limited to its image condition, contained in a small monitor placed on the floor, among the blocks of color, almost as a suggestion.

The installation demanded a certain renunciation of the urgency and exclusivity of the gaze, in a more subtle experience for the senses. The sound of an approaching storm was added to the environment, suggesting its images to the audience’s imagination.

As Matisse wanted about his works, Dissolution #2 proposed a good place to relax the thoughts and enjoy the time, color and sensations of the moment.


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