Short | Video Art | 5′ | 2018

A fish swims in deep waters, exploring an unknown territory. The boundaries seem indefinite,
limited just by darkness. Such is the mind, such is the abstract space of the senses and perceptions,
where every emotion and thought begins to shape the whole world.

Mindscapes is a metaphor but rather a study, an experience. All states of being unfold
in this subtle space, without time or form: sensations, impulses, thoughts. Calm, doubt, hesitation,
anxiety, fury, all that, in the limit, constitute the subjective world around. But it is also in the passages
through these states that beauty may happen, kind of creative accident, a dance
capable of making confinement a poetic of movement and multiplication.

Created and Edited by Muriel Paraboni
Photography by Marcus Jung

Score: 8 to 432Hz sounds (Schumann Frequency)


Mindscapes was initially conceived as part of a multi-channel video installation, and was thus presented in its first versions in 2016 and 2017. The intention was to produce a sensory experience of empty space, an abstract emptiness, full of possibilities, territory for the active participation of the subjects mind: like thought, the fish swims this space, defines meaning, plays freely with its limits. In other words, mind itself is immersed in an ocean of ether where all stimuli are perceived and can be transformed.

In the form of video art, contrary to expectations, there was an expansion of the ideas contained in the original installation: in a paradoxical way, the confinement of the fish to the video expanded its concepts and, more than that, deepened its meanings. Without

the other elements of the installation, Mindscapes showed itself to be a metaphorical study of the mind, the fish embodying the sensory, emotional, instinctive drives of being, the oceanic movement of thoughts that produces the entire subjective world.

In this way, nothing that was in the installation was lost. The video emphasized the abstraction of space and the multiplicity of facets deployed by the fish. The sensory crescendo sought in the physical installation benefited from the video immersion, emphasizing forms and sounds. Ether thus went beyond a study, an analogy between the fish´s behavior and the mind, becoming so a rhythmic, kind of musical video-piece, whose tensions and strains may touch a varied multiplicity of individual sensibilities.


Meditate on Time – Solo Exhibition | O Sítio Art and Technology – Florianopolis, Brazil – MAY 2020
VideoVirus | Magmart Videoart Network – Napoli, Italy – MAR 2020
Land 2nd Edition – Solo Exhibition | Galeria de Artes – Centro de Cultura Ordovás – Caxias do Sul, Brazil – JUL 2019
Terra – Solo Exhibition | Centro de Artes e Letras – CAL/UFSM – Santa Maria, Brazil – SET 2016
Factors – Mostra Online 4.0 | CAL/UFSM, Santa Maria, Brazil – NOV 2016
Fresta Mostra Audiovisual | UFPel, Pelotas, Brazil – FEV 2017
InFrestAção Mostra Audiovisual | UFPel, Rio Grande, Brazil – NOV 2017
Galeria A Sala | Centro de Artes UFPel – Pelotas, Brazil – MAR 2019


(C) Véspera Visual Media 2022