Installation | 6 channels | 2016

Inspired by brazilian filmmaker Humberto Mauro's famous statement that "Cinema is waterfall", the installation proposes a cascade of images that constantly flow through 3 video projections and 3 monitors.

Cut outs of the various temporalities that make up a real waterfall are assembled in space in analogy with the cinematographic language, producing an environment of intense experience with images and sounds.

A solo by pianist Keith Jarret spilling over into glitch-art effects complete an authentic waterfall of luminous pixels, in which jazz and improvisation blend into the minimalist patterns of the environment.


Muriel Paraboni

Marcus Jung

Evaristo José do Nascimento

Produced with the support of
Laboratório Interdisciplinar Interativo – LabInter/UFSM 


Land | Solo Exhibition
Sala Cláudio Carriconde - CAL/UFSM
Santa Maria, Brazil – Set 2016

Land 2ed | Solo Exhibition
Centro de Cultura Henrique Ordovás Filho
Caxias do Sul, Brazil - Scheduled for 2019

Video Excerpts