Sisyphus Works

Created and Performed by Muriel Paraboni

Sisyphus pushes a large cube down the road, for no apparent reason. Among woods, clearings and beautiful landscapes, he remains adamant in his task. Inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus and the existentialist metaphor of Albert Camus, the film starts from an exhaustive performance that explores
repetition, absurdity and monotony of human condition as potential
drivers of freedom and creation.

Short | Art | 15 min | 2020

Created and Performed by Muriel Paraboni 
Produced by Muriel Paraboni, Danielle Difante and Marcus Jung 
Photography: Marcus Jung
Assistant Director: Danielle Difante 

Music: Cristian Paduano 
Sound Design and Post-Production: Muriel Paraboni 


Sisyphus is a character in Greek mythology, rescued by the writer Albert Camus in a philosophical essay of 1941. Having repeatedly deceived the gods, Sisyphus was condemned to push a marble stone to the top of a mountain, where the stone back to the starting point, so that he could resume work for all eternity. 

The myth of Sisyphus supports Camus in his affirmation of the absurdity of existence, according to which there is no freedom. It is up to man to accept the repetition and monotony of daily tasks, becoming creative through revolt and passion. 

Unlike Camus, in this de-dramatized reading of the myth both revolt and passion are discarded. It is enough that Sisyphus accepts his condition, without the need to use excessive efforts (revolt) or mystify its results (passion). He is free to consciously enjoy the path, without placing special emphasis on himself or his mission. He's just not free to abandon the task.  

The existentialist metaphor is also extended to the experience of art. With performance by the artist himself, the work becomes a testimony of a task devoid of objective function and value, embodying the very definition of the absurd. It is up to the artist to continue his work, accepting his destiny as part of the creation. 

Muriel Paraboni | Artist 


To be premiered in 2020.