Short | Arthouse | 15 min | 2019

A fisherman throws himself into unknown waters, where fish have long gone, wrapped in silent mystery. In this journey without return the landscape sometimes assumes the role of the other and the other soon reveals the reverse or a mirror of him self in the ineluctable solitude of the horizon.


 Directed by Muriel Paraboni 

Performed by Lilian Maus and José Ricardo de Queiróz

Photography: Marcus Jung
Music: Edu Bocchese

Screenplay and Edition: Muriel Paraboni
Sound Design: Muriel Paraboni
Post-Production: Muriel Paraboni


Passage is a result of the partnership between artists Muriel Paraboni and Lilian Maus. It is based on Lilian´s research around the lagoons of Osorio, involving myths, reports, fictional and real characters that helped to structure and shape the script. The film was created from shooting a year of sucessive performances by Lilian Maus herself and the fisherman José Ricardo de Queiróz in the lagoons region.

The processes of writing, editing and post-production took place in parallel to the filmmaking, in an open movement that was fed by the performance actions and successive encounters with the landscape, but also returning to it with references that came from both the Eastern cinema and landscape painting, through phenomenology and poetry, until a cohesive poetic and conceptual set was obtained.


Finalist | Lisbon Film Redezvous Lisbon, Portugal – OUT/2019 
Semi-finalist | New Harvest Film Festival Moscow, Russia – SEP-20-19
Official Selection | Bogotá Exp Film FestivalBogotá, Colombia – AUG-20-19
Semi-finalist | The Alternative Film FestivalToronto, Canada – JUN-25-19
Invited Screening | Casa Eva – Campinas, Brazil – JAN/2020
Commented Screening | Sala Redenção – Porto Alegre, Brazil – NOV/2019
Commented Screening | Pinac Aldo Locatelli – Porto Alegre, Brazil – OUT/2019
Pré-released | Aura Contemporary Art  Gallery – São Paulo, Brazil – OCT-25-18


Passage is freely inspired by the legend of the bride of Lagoa dos Barros, dating back to countless popular stories observed since the colonial period and arriving in the 20th century with the death of young Maria Luiza Häussler by her fiance, Heinz Werner João Schmeling, who hid the body in Lagoa dos Barros, Osorio, Southern Brazil, in August 1940.

Other local myths were added to the omnipresence of the missing bride. The dangerous currents of the lagoons, the supposed disappearance of the fish and the persistent wind are some of the elements that helped shape the script, whose structure remained open to the creative force of the performances, these in turn stoned by the poetic references of the project.

The conceptual and formal design of the film occurred with the visual integration of the myths and reports of the region with philosophical and poetic excerpts, among which was definitely the poem "In the forest of alienation", by Fernando Pessoa, that gave voice to the encounter of the characters through the mysterious landscape of Lagoa dos Barros.

Passage is now more a myth to be added to the rich imaginary of the lagoons.

Muriel Paraboni