Occupy 192

Installation and Videoart | 2011-14

A house condemned for demolition was the starting point for a collective artistic intervention. Each artist chose a part of the house and performed the action that the place and the conditions of the moment inspired. The house was opened to the public in May 2011 and ended up being demolished months later, as planned. The intervention was called Occupy 192.

A video piece was created from the photographic and videographic material produced by the artists during the action, being at the same time document and artwork itself, only testimony of what happened. The video also brings the artists' testimonyes, including a visit to the ruins of the house, reflecting on their individual creative processes in dialogue with the colective context.


Eneida Aguiar, Gustavo Rigon, Isabel Sommer, Karen Axelhud,
 Muriel Paraboni and Vera Junqueira

Screenplay and Direction
Muriel Paraboni

Edition and Post-Production
Stefânia Curty

Clóvis Martins Costa and Gustavo Rigon

Haroldo Paraguassú de Souza

Clóvis Martins Costa, Eneida Aguiar, Gustavo Rigon,
 Isabel Sommer, Karen Axelhud and Muriel Paraboni

Sound Edition
Stefânia Curty

Original Score
Carina Levitan


Rua São Francisco
Open public house exhibition
Esteio, Brazil - May 2012

Secretaria da Cultura - SECULT
Video exhibition
Pelotas, Brazil - May 2013

Pinacoteca Feevale
Novo Hamburgo, Brazil - Jun 2013