Installation | 6 Channels | 2016

Inspired by the abstract paintings of Mondrian, Rothko and Barnett Newmann, Luminescences explores the experience of color in  video-installation, activating space through intensities, sensations and rhythms, combining fragments of images, incidental sounds and climatic fields. 

The title refers to the work of Arthur Rimbaud, at its time conceived under a strong impression of the visual rhythms of modern art and technologies, also enunciating jazz and the poetic writing. Such environmental conception shapes the work as a kind of abstract landscape.


Muriel Paraboni

Evaristo José do Nascimento

Produced with the support of
Laboratório Interdisciplinar Interativo – LabInter/UFSM 

With Excerpts of
Andrei Tarkovski, Jean-Luc Godard, Jia Zhangke, Julius Bressane, Matthew Barney, Nils Frahm, Werner Herzog, Wong Kar Wai and Teresa Vilaverde. 


Mostra Arte. Topologia. Tecnologia LabInter 2016
Sala Cláudio Carriconde | CAL/UFSM
Santa Maria, Brazil – Nov 2016

Video Excerpts