Created and Performed by Muriel Paraboni

Sisyphus pushes a large cube down the road, defying the limits of abstraction. With
performance by the artist himself, the film revisits the Greek myth and the existential metaphor
by Albert Camus, which brings as a backdrop the silent conflict between reason and nature.

Short | Art | 10′ | 2020

Created and Performed by Muriel Paraboni 

Produced by Muriel Paraboni, Danielle Difante and Marcus Jung 

Photography: Marcus Jung
Assistant Director: Danielle Difante

Music: Cristian Paduano 
Sound Design and Post-Production: Muriel Paraboni 


Sisyphus Works came up from a homonymous video installation, in which the journey of Sisyphus as described in Greek myth unfolds in multiple projections. In this videographic montage, the work is structured in the hybrid transit between performance, document, essay and fiction.

The minimalist aesthetic prioritizes what is essential: nature, the body and the search for meaning, which hovers visually in the repeated actions and in the monotony of the surroundings, but also in the pauses, lapses and differences in the course of a narrative also reduced to the elementary .

The sensory experience is another link with the original installation and still has a double influence. Video and performance find in the cinema of flow and in a certain naturalism means that value time and ambience. With that, the performance is remade between myth, fiction and document.

Putting the Sisyphus of Camus in dialogue with Herzog’s Kasper Hauser, the work abstracts reason and culture to return the problem to the public. It is up to the viewer to reflect and readjust culture and human nature, in a task that is itself an endless work of Sisyphus.


Fisura International Experimental Film Festival | Centro Nacional de las Artes – Mexico City, Mexico – APR 2022
4o FilmArte Festival | Artistic Metropol – Madrid, Spain – APR 2021
XII Magmart International Videoart Festival | Casoria Art Museum – Napoli, Italy – JAN 2021


(C) Véspera Visual Media 2022