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Video Art | 5’28” | 2019

Oceans is a kind of dialogue-homage to painters of American abstract expressionism,
especially Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko, for whom simple and elementary forms
would be the bearers of the truth. The work therefore speaks, in its abstract movements,
of metaphysical and subtle oceans, of the sensitive and creative mind in its struggle
to get in touch with the essences of artistic making.

Concept: Muriel Paraboni

Photography: Marcus Jung
Edition and Sound Design: Muriel Paraboni


The work was originally conceived as part of a video installation that bears the same name. Projected on a transparent voile, the environment is complemented by the video art ‘Mindscapes’ and both in dialogue establish the subtle relationships between space and mind, emptiness and fullness.

As a video art piece, Oceans goes beyond, or rather, enhances its essence by also turning to abstract art and its foundations, poetically discussing the properties of space and metaphysical emptiness, as well as the aesthetic connotations of simple and elementary forms.


Land – Solo Exhibition | Centro de Artes e Letras – CAL/UFSM, Santa Maria, Brazil – AUG2016
Land II Ed – Solo Exhibition | Centro de Cutura Ordovás – Caxias do Sul, Brazil – AUG 2019
Meditate on Time – Solo Exhibition | O Sítio Art and Technology – MAY 2020
BibArt Biennale / Eyes Walk Festival | Puglia, Italy – SET 2020


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