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Created by Muriel Paraboni

Inspired by the abstract paintings of Mondrian, Rothko and Barnett Newmann, Lumens explores
sensorial atmospheres through color and form. Combining fragments of images and climatic fields,
the work unfolds space and time based on an experience with rhythms and repetitions,
where everything that returns always returns differently.

Short | Videoart | 5′ | 2020

Created and Edited by Muriel Paraboni


The work was originally conceived as a multi-channel video installation called Luminescences. The title refers to the work of poet Arthur Rimbaud, at its time conceived under a strong impression of the visual rhythms of modern art and technologies, also enunciating jazz and the poetic writing. Such environmental conception shapes the work as a kind of abstract landscape, which is enhanced here in the form of video art.

The video gets rid of the word and the external realistic and cultural references that made up the original video installation, in order to become a landscape itself. Abstraction refers the senses to forms and rhythms, to the structure of the work as a piece of experiment and visual language, image and sound as analogous to thought and perception.


Timeline BH Video Art Festival | Centro Cultural Unimed – Belo Horizonte, Brazil – DEC 2023
Biennale Internazionale D’Arte di Bari – 3 ed | Chiesa della Vallisa – Bari, Italy – JUN 2022
Video Art Summer | TAM Torrance Art Museum / Dark Room – Los Angeles, USA – JUL 2021
Ecrã Festival | MAM Modern Art Museum RJ – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – JUL 2021
Am I Here – Kosma Invitational Exhibition | Asia Culture Center – ACC – Gwnaju, South Korea – DEC 2020
Image Play Int Videoart Festival | Teatro Baltazar Dias – Funchal, Portugal – OCT 2020
New Media Fest | Corona! Shut Down? – Online Exhibition – Köhl, Germany – SET 2020
Beyond Sítio | Online Solo Exhibition – O Sítio Art and Technology – Florianopolis, Brazil – MAY 2020


(C) Véspera Visual Media 2022