Created by Muriel Paraboni

A face approaches the surface of the water. The deeper it looks inside, the more the water stirs.
Passages of tension, fear, despair and relief soon emerge, revealing its own image (and reality) as nothing but reflections.

Short | Videoart | 4′ | 2022

Production, Concept and Images by Muriel Paraboni
Performed by João Spalding
Editing and Sound Design by Muriel Paraboni


In a scene from Stalker, by Andrei Tarkovsky, we see turbid water stirring at the bottom of a vat, while off-screen we have the protagonist mons monologue, which starts like this: ‘let them laugh at your passions’.

Based on an installation held in 2019, this video brings a face like a distant reflection at the bottom of a barrel, crossing the most varied moods, from joy to indifference, to discouragement, to despair, to relief, to redemption.

Not everyone is willing to look deep inside to probe the darkest and chaotic dimensions of the soul, but some have a vocation in it. That’s the artists as well as the Stalker’s passion: he follows his destiny despite the difficulties and what other may think about him. To skeptics and critics he indulges, and simply lets them laugh.


Experimenta Transformação Audiovisual | Barreirinha BC – Funchal, Portugal – JAN 2022


(C) Véspera Visual Media 2022