Video Installation | Mono-Channel | 2019

Not everyone is willing to probe the darkest dimensions of the soul and the world, but some have
a vocation in it. That’s the Stalker’s passion: he follows his destiny despite the difficulties and what they may
think about him. To skeptics and critics, he indulges, and simply lets them laugh.

Concept and Editing: Muriel Paraboni

Photography: Marcus Jung
Performance: João Spalding
Effects and Sound Design: Muriel Paraboni


In a scene from Stalker, by Andrei Tarkovski, we see turbid water stirring at the bottom of a vat, while off-screen we have the protagonist mons monologue, which starts like this: ‘let them laugh at your passions’.

In the installation, a projected face like a distant reflection at the bottom of a

barrel crosses the most varied moods, from joy to indifference, to discouragement, to despair, to redemption.

Digital interventions only update the context: it’s between screens, digits and projections that our spirit twists nowadays.


Sediments, Erosions and Other Digital Accidentes | Solo Exhibition – CHC Santa Casa – Porto Alegre, Brazil – NOV 2019


(C) Véspera Visual Media 2022