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Video Art | 3 pcs 3’34” total | 2020

Impressions is an extensive and ongoing series of daily video recordings, started in March 2020 in Italy,
just following the lockdown (but not limited to it). Entitled 1st Move, this first piece brings a syntesis of the general
concept that drives the series: the aim to directly explore urban and everyday space, based on the immediate
visual materials and the direct impressions from the subject-camera.

Concept, Images and Editing: Muriel Paraboni
Sound Design: Muriel Paraboni

This piece was made under the support of Via Farini Org, Milan Italy, during the program VIR In Residence 2020.


The 1st Movement of the series is based on urban walks using a digital camera in order to capture direct impressions of the environment. The emptiness and the feeling of desolation are a response caused by the pandemic, during which it was produced.

Elements of geometry, asymmetry, color and large areas of chromatic voids, as well as the repetitive and suggestive ambient sound, take the viewer beyond the merely visible, beyond the material, beyond image.

The series, which is a working progress, covers themes as varied as explorations of the beach, the mountains, parks, streets, old cities and highways, in which the historical and the technological are visually confronted, based on sensations.

The main objectives of these series of experiments are related to the relationship between human perceptions and what the camera, as a limited mediator, is capable of accomplishing.


Via Farini Open Studio | VIR In-Residence Program – Milan, Italy – SEP 2020


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