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Video Art | 15′ | 2015-20

Dissolution 2015-19 is the last piece of the series, based on a 15-minute video
featuring a real-time dusk on a field landscape. Captured in grainy black and white,
the colors related to the sunset pallete appear in a separate video, reflecting
on the landscape and the variation of ligh in terms of the cinematic language, as digital image.

Concept, Images and Edition: Muriel Paraboni


In the last piece of the series Dissolution the goal was to filter the essence of the previous experiments into a single video intended manily for online viewing. The first version was designed in 2019 and presented the structure for the virtual environment.

Opting for a single-channel video, which alternates between one and two screens side by side, the choise was to emphasize the line, the color in contrast with the monochromatic background while the landscape gradually disappears.

The piece was made at the invitation of curator João Aires for a solo exhibition entitled Contemplating Time, presented at O Sítio Art and Technology in Florianopolis, Southern Brazil, among several other video art pieces from the same period and based in similar concepts.

As it covered the entire course of the research, ending the series, it received the symbolic name of Dissolution 2015-20. The elements used in the new piece, however, remaneid the same original from the first video.


Meditate on Time – Solo Exhibition | O Sítio Art and Technology – Florianopolis, Brazil – MAY 2020
Land 2nd Edition – Solo Exhibition | Galeria de Artes – Centro de Cultura Ordovás – Caxias do Sul, Brazil – AGO 2019 
Art and Technology Labs Annual Show | Teatro Caixa Preta – CAL/UFSM – Santa Maria, Brazil – SET 2015


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