Dissolution #2

Installation | 4 Channels | 2015

Dissolution #2 was presented at the Interdisciplinary Interactive Lab  exhibition in November 2015, at Cláudio Carriconde room, CAL/UFSM. It is the second experiment of a  work in progress, this time in the form of video installation.

The color sequences are projected on the walls, giving volume
and atmosphere to space, while in the center a monitor presents
the colorless dusk over the landscape in real time. 

The installation also has a collage of landscape sounds involving the environment, decomposing the representation in the temporality
and spatiality of its elementary parts.


Muriel Paraboni

Evaristo José do Nascimento

Produced with the support of
Laboratório Interdisciplinar Interativo – LabInter/UFSM


Land 2nd Edition - Solo Exhibition
Galeria de Artes | Centro de Cultura Ordovás 
Caxias do Sul, Brazil - Ago 2019

Exposição LabInter
Sala Cláudio Carriconde | CAL/UFSM
Santa Maria, Brazil - Nov 2015 

Video Excerpt