Dissolution #1

Videoart | 2015

Dissolution #1 is a 15-minute video featuring a real-time dusk on a field landscape. Captured in grainy black and white, the colors related to the sunset pallete appear in a separate video, reflecting on the landscape and the variation of ligh in terms of the cinematic language, as digital image. 

The video was presented at the collective exhibition of the Art and Technology Laboratories of the Post-Graduate Program in Visual Arts of the Federal University of Santa Maria (CAL/UFSM) as the first experiment on a series of works exploring time, space, color and landscape.


Muriel Paraboni

Evaristo José do Nascimento

Produced with the support of
Laboratório Interdisciplinar Interativo – LabInter/UFSM


Land 2nd Edition - Solo Exhibition
Galeria de Artes | Centro de Cultura Ordovás 
Caxias do Sul, Brazil - Ago 2019

Exposição Laboratórios de Arte e Tecnologia
Teatro Caixa Preta | CAL/UFSM
Santa Maria, Brazil - Set 2015 

Video Excerpt