Cut me now!

Performance and Videoart |2015-16

Performed by Vera Junqueira | Directed by Muriel Paraboni 

In this performance, artist Vera Junqueira puts the body and her own life at the risk of the other. Sitting on a chair, she allows strangers to come over and cut her hair. The record, performed as a minimalist anti-narrative, without sounds or dramatic accents, allows one to perceive the artist's fragility in becoming available, open to the other, as well as the different and subtle ways of approaching. Fear, intensity and fragility are some of the topics covered in this essay on the risks of human relations. 


Creation and Performance: Vera Junqueira
Direction: Muriel Paraboni

Images: Muriel Paraboni, Rodrigo Viegas and Fábio Osório
Editing and Post-Production: Muriel Paraboni


Cut-me now! | Solo Live Performance
Art Gallery Fundarte | Montenegro, Brazil | MAY-2015

Cut-me now! | Solo Exhibition
Art Gallery Fundarte | Montenegro, Brazil | MAY-JUN-2015

Urdumes | Solo Exhibition
Espaço Cultural Vila Flores | Porto Alegre, Brazil | SET-2016


An empty chair, an acrylic box and silence tell the public the imminence
 of a ritual. As an image composing the space of the gallery, the scene immediately conveys the solemnity that awaits those who approach it.

In "Cut me now!" artist Vera Junqueira provoke a reunion between
 reflection and sensitive experience, making the public complicit in a kind of subtle and perfect crime, which otherwise will spare no one.

Performance has tracesof conceptual art: action, ephemeral in itself, is designed to leave traces, reports, impressions. For this, word,  photograph, video and object vestiges were used as testimonies of what happened.

Shooting was done by means of three simultaneous cameras, each one focused entirely on an object. Edition respected the linear, mechanical and repetitive manner as the performance developed, as in a modern sacrifice.